The Better Breathing Foundation (BBF) was the featured not-for-profit organisation at a lunch hosted at State Parliament on 2 May, 2018 to celebrate the career of the Hon. Greg Pearce. Zoe McKeough, Managing Director of BBF, spoke to the audience about the support that BBF is providing to research in chronic lung disease by allied health professionals.

Zoe said, “It was very exciting to be able to announce a call for funding to BBF for a new research project to support the development of a mobile pulmonary rehabilitation platform through a mobile phone app and web-based clinician portal. This will allow people with chronic lung disease to access pulmonary rehabilitation at home supported by technology.”

Given that May 2018 is Lung Health Awareness month, it was a great opportunity for BBF to be able to educate the audience about the debilitating effects of chronic lung disease. Sonia Cheng, inaugural BBF scholarship holder, also spoke at the lunch about the positive impact the stipend funding has had on her career allowing her to concentrate on full time PhD studies instead of having to juggle research with clinical work.

BBF would like to thank the Hon. Greg Pearce for the opportunity to speak at the event, at which Premier Gladys Berejiklian spoke in celebration of his career serving the NSW public.

If you are interested in donating funds to the new project on the development of a mobile pulmonary rehabilitation platform or would like to support a PhD student, please email Zoe McKeough on

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