Test article by John

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BBF announces collaboration with Lung Foundation Australia (LFA)

Better Breathing Foundation (BBF) is delighted to announce a collaboration with Lung Foundation Australia (LFA), a national organisation that is dedicated to supporting anyone with a lung disease. This collaboration will ensure more research projects are funded in the area of chronic lung disease. Similar to BBF, LFA’s main obje[…]

BBF paints a picture for Targa Tasmania

To kick off marketing for the Better Breathing Foundation (BBF) in 2016, managing director Dr Zoe McKeough has decided to combine her passion for Motorsport with her passion for the Foundation. She has had a Porsche 911 turbo covered in a vinyl wrap artwork, designed by Merry Sparks, which places the Foundation logo front and cent[…]

BBF announces the winner of its 2016 scholarship award

Better Breathing Foundation (BBF) is delighted to announce the winner of its 2016 Scholarship Award.BBF’s Managing Director, Dr Zoe McKeough, announced that Sonia Cheng is the recipient of BBF’s inaugural scholarship. Sonia graduated from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Physiotherapy) (Honours Cla[…]

BBF attains Deductible Gift Recipient status

Better Breathing Foundation (BBF) is delighted to announce that it has obtained Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. As a consequence all donations to BBF are fully tax deductible.BBF has already raised $150,000 in funding and is currently considering applications for its 2016 Scholarship Award, which close on the 30th of Novem[…]

Tai Chi improves exercise capacity in people with COPD

Director of the Better Breathing Foundation, Dr Zoe McKeough, and her research colleagues at The University of Sydney and Concord Repatriation Hospital, Dr Regina Leung, Professor Jennifer Alison and Dr Matthew Peters, have published an article in the European Respiratory Journal examining the effects of Tai Chi in people with chr[…]